Alligator Reportedly Sighted Swimming in the Inner Harbor

It's 2020. Throw out the rulebook at this point because a lot of unusual things are going on in the world.

For one thing, with all of the reduction in human activity, nature is healing. Carbon emissions are dropping, skies are blue in normally smog-ridden cities, waters are clearing.

Now, an alligator was reportedly seen swimming in the Inner Harbor in Baltimore. It is currently unconfirmed if in fact, there is an alligator roaming the waters, but the report made on the app Citizen Baltimore was sent out to thousands of users on their phones.

The notification read, "Report of Alligator Swimming in Harbor at S Central Ave & Lancaster St" to be exact.

If it wasn't 2020 I probably wouldn't believe this until there was proof. But now I'm not so sure. Stay tuned for updates.

Police responded to the sighting but they did not see the alligator. When radioing in after looking, an officer referred to the gator as the "Loch Ness monster."

Photo: Getty Images

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