Nature Is Healing: Fight Erupts at Ross on First Day of Reopening

As the country slowly begins to roll back restrictions put in place during the coronavirus pandemic, people have been eager to resume their previously normal activities. Some restaurants are reopening to limited seating capacity, public parks are open to the public, and retail stores are allowing customers back through their doors.

With people having been stressed out over the situation, it's fair to say tensions will also be slow to ease. Case in point, during the first day of reopening at a Ross Dress for Less store, a fight erupts between two customers that requires a crowd of people to get involved to try and break it up. So much for maintaining social distancing.

One woman accuses the other of pushing her child to the ground which apparently sparked the altercation. Although the initial scuffle seen in the video appears to be over after a few seconds, one woman then attacks the other again.The two grab each other's hair as children can be heard screaming in the background.

The fight reportedly happened in Arlington, Texas.

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