To Honor Mo Gaba, Baltimore Ravens Repaint Field, Dedicate Entire Section

The Baltimore Ravens are honoring superfan Mo Gaba during their opening game of the 2020 season at M&T Bank Stadium by repainting the field and dedicating an entire section of seats for him.

On one end zone, where the word "Baltimore" is painted in white letters, the "MO" is highlighted in gold for Mo. There is also "Mo's Rows," and entire section of seating near the field where cardboard cutouts of Mo wearing Ravens gear are sitting.

Mo rose to fame for secretly calling into sports radio while his mom was at work. He became a regular caller put on the air due to his depth of knowledge about the Orioles and Ravens despite only being a youngster. It turned out that Mo had been stricken with cancer most of his short lift, having been given his first diagnosis at only 9 months of age and becoming blind shortly after.

Fundraisers for Mo generated thousands of dollars to help pay for his countless medical treatments. He received chemotherapy, operations and a bone marrow transplant, but the cancer spread to his neck, legs, brain and lungs.

Mo became the first ever person to announce an NFL draft pick written in Braille during the 2019 draft when the Ravens chose Ben Powers in Round 4. Gaba was also inducted into the Orioles Hall of Fame shortly before he passed.

RIP Mo. Miss you buddy.

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