South Baltimore Alley Finally Reclaimed from Swarm of Giant Rats

At least one resident of South Baltimore can rest easier at night. That's because the alley behind his home has finally been cleaned up from piles and piles of trash from people illegally dumping for months on end and no help from Baltimore's DPW. Oh, and the swarm of giant rats that came with it.

Stephen Horvath told FOX 45 Baltimore that trash built up behind his home for months and that countless calls to 311 and DPW yielded no answers or help. "They don't give a rat's ass about this section of town," he said. "They're almost as big as the cats... It's a bunch of B.S. that's going on. Why the hell am I paying taxes?

Finally, on Monday, possibly thanks to the news story that FOX 45 ran on the story, DPW workers came to the alley and filled "two dump trucks" of trash, "taking forklifts (of trash) to the truck with stuff, they were sweeping the alleys. It looks so nice out there."

For now, at least one part of South Baltimore is a bit cleaner.

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