Bride "Heartbroken" After $100 Wedding Dress Is Nothing Like Photo

A bride-to-be is "heartbroken" after a wedding dress she bought second-hand off looked nothing like the photo. Not even close.

Before we get any further, let's look at two things: buying a wedding dress off and buying something second-hand off

Now, I get that some people are on tight budgets and all, but buying a wedding dress second-hand on Wish is just asking for trouble.

Meghan Law of Prince Edward Island, Canada bought the floor-length, flowing lace gown with an off-the-shoulder, heart-shaped neck design dress for $107. When it showed up, at first things seemed okay.

"I opened it and it didn't look that bad, honestly." she said, "I said, 'Well I may as well see how it goes.'"

The dress seemed to look a lot different than the photos that were posted online, and when she tried it on, it looked even more off.

Law shared a photo of herself on Facebook in the dress along with a photo of what she thought she was getting.

“I was pretty heartbroken, but I couldn’t help but laugh," Law said, adding that she ordered the dress in a size medium but that it looked more like "a medium for a toddler."

She contacted the seller on Wish and requested a refund but was denied on the basis that she had thrown the original packaging out.

"I sent them the picture of me in the dress and the picture that they were supposed to give me," she said. "I told them it would ruin my wedding and they gave me my money back."

Law is hoping people find the photo funny and to use her as an example before buying a wedding dress for $100.

"If you are going to buy a wedding dress I would recommend spending a little more than $100 on it because you probably won't get what you wanted in the first place," she said. "You buy cheap you buy twice."

Law and her fiance Keith plan to have their wedding next July.

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