Wife Blows Thousands on Vet Bills After Husband Blames His Farts on the Dog

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A woman on Reddit revealed a story that resulted in her spending "thousands" of dollars on vet bills after her husband repeatedly blamed his farts on their dog.

While pregnant, the woman said her dog, Jerry, underwent a series of costly tests after becoming concerned over his "unbelievable" and "stinky" gas.

It all started a month prior, when the woman says she caught a whiff of a "really disgusting" smell while having dinner with her husband. He later claimed the smell came from the dog.

She says it smelled like "rotten eggs" and that "the smell would come again and again at random times. I lit candles, incense - NOTHING WORKED."

After weeks of panic on her part and vet bills piling up into the thousands, the husband finally admitted the truth after the wife "had a full on meltdown."

The wife, enraged, kicked her husband out of the house. She wasn't upset that her husband lied to her, but that he kept on with the lie, even as they went together to the vet multiple times to try to find out was wrong with Jerry. Even her husband's mom came on her side at being mad.

Apparently, she let him back in the house after he went to see a doctor who recommended a diet change. She also insisted that he pay for half of the vet bills out of his savings for all of the pain and misery he caused.

Commenters on the Reddit thread seemed to all side with the woman as well, encouraging her to force her husband to pay for all of the vet bills.

You can read it all here

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