Quick-Thinking Waitress Communicates with Written Sign to Save Boy

Thanks to an astute waitress and a clever maneuver, a young boy has been rescued from his abusive parents.

Earlier this month, the waitress, Flaviane Carvalho, immediately felt like something wasn't right when she seated a family just before midnight at an undisclosed restaurant in Orlando, Florida.

She noticed the 11-year-old boy wasn't ordered food by his stepfather or mother. He also appeared to visibly have multiple bruises despite wearing a hoodie, masks, and glasses.

Flaviane made a quick decision and wrote "Do you need help?" on a piece of paper and flashed it to the boy discretely. When he nodded yes, Carvalho immediately contacted the police.

Apparently, the boy had alibis to explain the bruises on his body when the police arrived and questioned the family. But according to one report, he was later examined at a local children's hospital and the tragic truth was uncovered.

The examination revealed the boy had been physically abused "extensively." The detective assigned to the case said, "'Abuse,' I say lightly. It was torture."

According to the article, the boy was about 20 lbs underweight for his height and age and had been beaten while hanging upside down, was handcuffed to a moving dolly, made to exercise excessively, and was routinely deprived of food.

Both the stepfather and the mother now face charges. The boy and his younger sister have been taken from their household.

The Orlando Police tweeted out the story with a video, using the situation to remind people, "See something, say something."

Source: TanksGoodNews.com

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