14-Year-Old VA Girl Rips School for Allowing Boys in Girls Locker Room

A 14-year-old student in Virginia spoke before the Loudoun County Public School board this week to accuse them of allowing boys use girls locker rooms and that it put her in danger.

Jolene Grover, whose mother took her out of the school system last year, spoke on Tuesday to address its proposed policy 8040.

"Two years ago, I was told policy 1040 was just an umbrella philosophy and you weren't going to allow boys into the girls' locker rooms. But here you are doing just that," she said.

"Everyone knows what a boy is – even you. Your proposed policies are dangerous and rooted in sexism. When woke kids ask me if I was a lesbian or a trans boy because I cut my hair short, it should tell you these modern identities are superficial."

The proposed policy reads that "students should be allowed to use the facility that corresponds to their gender identity."

Grover said later in an interview with Fox News that she thinks the proposed rule would lead to girls getting harassed and assaulted.

Last month, a gym teacher at Leesburg Elementary in the district was suspended after opposing the policy. Bryon Cross argued against a mandate that teachers use the pronouns a transgender child identifies with and another mandate that would allow transgender students to take part in the gender of sports they identified with. He has since been reinstated by a judge.

Source: DailyMail.co.uk

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