Microsoft Will Stop All Support for Windows 10 in Four Years

Microsoft Unveils New Surface Laptop

Photo: Getty Images

It appears the next version of Microsoft's Windows operating system could be announced soon based on recent news regarding the current version, Windows 10.

Microsoft is ending support for Windows 10 on October 14, 2025. The date is just over 10 years since it was first introduced. A keen-eyed reporter noticed the date had been added to its support life cycle page without a wide announcement.

The recent development leads many to believe the next version of Windows, whether it is called Windows 11 or something entirely different, is soon to come.

Microsoft has dropped hints recently regarding developments to Windows that were believed to be part of a significant Windows 10 overhaul, but they could now be referring to the next generation.

A Windows event is coming next week, June 24th at 11:00 AM ET and it could be the big reveal.


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