Loudoun County Teachers Thanked with 'Challenge Coins'

While public school systems are giving raises and cash bonuses after a difficult year in the face of the pandemic, one Northern Virginia county's way of saying thanks to their teachers is being called a "slap in the face."

Teachers in Loudoun County are being given a "challenge coin" as a thanks for their hard work as classes shifted abruptly to remote learning last year, creating new challenges in teaching. Administrators in the system, however, are getting paid from a $1.6 million bonus, including nine cabinet members who are reportedly each getting nearly $12,000 bonuses.

Contrast that to Price William County teachers, who are being given cash bonuses up to $1,600, Fauquier County teachers who are being given a $1,000 bonus, and Fairfax County teachers are being given a 2% raise.

According to NBC Washington, Loudoun County teachers who spoke to the outlet anonymously are saying while the gesture is appreciated, they are also calling it a "slap in the face."

Source: NBCWashington.com

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