Someone Has Stolen Pizza Paradiso's 3,500 lb Mobile Pizza Oven

Pizzas in pizza oven

Photo: Getty Images

Pizza Paradiso, headquartered in Dupont Circle in DC, went all-out in 2019 to purchase a custom-made, 3,500 lb mobile pizza oven to take their brick oven pizzas to customers all over town. Sadly, last April, someone hitched the oven to the back of a pickup truck and took off with the one-of-a-kind oven.

Pizza Paradiso's owner, Ruth Gresser, had nothing but some fuzzy surveillance video that didn't lead to any solid information as to who stole the oven. Since then, the case has gone cold.

But then, last week, a customer came to the restaurant asking about the Pizza Paradiso catering truck after seeing it being hauled around on University Boulevard in Wheaton.

It's being speculated that the thief was after the trailer that the oven sits on, which happens to be an impressive piece of equipment itself, but did not realize that the oven is so heavy removing it would be an issue.

Now Gresser is asking for the public's help in tracking down her oven. She says if anyone comes forward with information leading to the reclamation of the oven, she'll throw them a pizza party for free.

You can contact them at

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