Large Alligator Captured and Killed in Calvert County, Maryland

Maryland is home to a wide range of wildlife thanks to its location nestled amongst the Appalachian mountains, Chesapeake Bay, and Atlantic Ocean. And apparently was now home to at least one alligator.

William and Jake Adams discovered, captured and killed an alligator living in the Chesapeake Ranch Estates area in Calvert County, Maryland on Father's Day. The gator, which was reportedly measured at 7'6", appeared to be living between Seahorse Beach and Driftwood Beach inside the community.

The two located the gator on Father's Day. It's gender is unknown and it appears to have been the only one living in the area.

According to a reddit post, one user thinks the gator had been living there since 2016 based on a post they had seen before on social media. Another says they had seen photos of what they believe to be the same alligator for a number of years in the same vicinity as where this one was captured.


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