Truck Loaded with Fireworks Explodes in Ocean City, MD

The 4th of July celebrations were disrupted in Ocean City, MD on Sunday after a truck loaded with fireworks meant to be set up for the display at dusk suddenly caught on fire and exploded.

The fireworks were reportedly about to be taken out of the truck so that they could be set up on the beach when the accident occurred. Ocean City Fire Chief Richie Bowers said, "Prior to the fireworks being off-loaded from the vehicle, Fire Marshals secure a safe zone around the fireworks and put other safety protocols in place. It is this very zone and safety protocols that kept anyone else from being injured."

Employees of the company in charge of the fireworks display were reportedly injured in the explosion, but suffered only minor injuries and declined transport to a hospital.

Thanks to strict protocols in place by Starfire Corporation, the company that was in charge of the display, and oversight from the Ocean City Fire Department, what could have been a deadly disaster instead only disrupted the show that night.

The fireworks celebrations in Ocean City were cancelled out of "an abundance of caution" as an investigation went underway.


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