Maryland State Police Warning About Fraud Using Legit Police Barrack Number

Phone call from unknown number late at night. Scam, fraud or phishing with smartphone concept. Prank caller, scammer or stranger. Man answering to incoming call.

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Maryland State Police have issued a warning to the public after is has been brought to their attention that there is a phone scam scheme currently going around involving a legitimate State Police Phone Barrack phone number.

They say the calls use a number for the JFK Highway Barrack and the person is telling people that they are wanted on a warrant. They tell them in order to avoid being arrested, they can pay with money of gift cards.

Troopers located at the actual JFK Highway Barrack say they have gotten at least 15 phone calls from people who said that they had just gotten a call from their number, and relayed the details of the phone calls.

State Police stress that no law enforcement agency would call and demand money or payment to avoid arrest. Anyone getting such a call should hang up immediately.

Source: FOX 5 DC

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