Study Reveals 41% of Baltimore City High Schoolers Have Less Than 1.0 GPA

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A new report has revealed some stunning information about Baltimore City high school students that has lead to a call for school administrators to be fired.

A Project Baltimore report found that 41% of high school students earned below a 1.0 GPA - less than a D average.

In the second quarter of the 2019/2020 school year, just before COVID, 24% of high school students had below a 1.0 GPA. But that number has nearly doubled since.

"This is a real crisis. A crisis that needs outside the box thinking," says Maryland Delegate Nino Mangione. "I know it's a challenging issue. But we should looks at some of these leaders in the administration and think, let's evaluate and let's start firing people. Because this can't go on. This cannot go on. People need to lose their jobs for this."

Robert Stokes, council member of the Chair of the Education Committee for Baltimore City: "These numbers are disturbing, but it is not a surprise that COVID worsened student performance. Haphazard approaches haven't solved anything. Our children live in poverty or are surrounded by it every day. Until we address poverty and the systems that allow it to thrive, our children will continue to fail."


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