This Restaurant Serves The Best Cinnamon Rolls In Maryland

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A Baltimore restaurant is being credited for having the best cinnamon rolls in Maryland.

Eat This, Not That compiled a list of the best cinnamon rolls in every state which included Spoons as the top choice for Maryland.

"For a fluffier rendition of a cinnamon roll, try it in a pancake form," Eat This, Not That's Brittany Anas wrote. "The best way to order the cinnamon roll pancakes at Spoons is with bacon baked inside. This family-owned breakfast spot is well loved for its biscuits, but don't sleep on the cinnamon roll pancakes with a maple coffee glaze that are also a hit on the all-day brunch menu."

Here is Eat This, Not That's full list of the best cinnamon rolls in every state:

  1. Alabama- Cinnaholic
  2. Alaska- Snow City Cafe
  3. Arizona- Red Rock Cafe
  4. Arkansas- Will's Cinnamon Shop
  5. California- Johnny Doughnuts
  6. Colorado- Johnson's Corner
  7. Connecticut- State Street Cafe
  8. Delaware- Cinnamon Bun Exchange
  9. Florida- Knaus Berry Farm
  10. Georgia- Henri's Bakery & Deli
  11. Hawaii- Cinnamon Roll Place
  12. Idaho- Mrs. Powell's Bakery
  13. Illinois- Kanela Breakfast Club
  14. Indiana- Bittersweet
  15. Iowa- Cornbred Barbecue
  16. Kansas- Park Street Pastry
  17. Kentucky- The Futile Bakery
  18. Louisiana- Counterspace
  19. Maine- The Cupboard Café
  20. Maryland- Spoons
  21. Massachusetts- Flour Bakery and Café
  22. Michigan- Zingerman's Bakehouse
  23. Minnesota- Isles Bun & Coffee
  24. Mississippi- Bottletree Bakery
  25. Missouri- M&M Bakery and Deli
  26. Montana- Wildflour Bakery
  27. Nebraska- Leadbelly
  28. Nevada- Homies Cinnamon Rolls and Cafe
  29. New Hampshire- Bearded Baking Co.
  30. New Jersey- Barry's Buns
  31. New Mexico- Salty Little Sweet Shop
  32. New York- Mardee's
  33. North Carolina- La Farm Bakery
  34. North Dakota- Little Cottage Cafe
  35. Ohio- Fox in the Snow Cafe
  36. Oklahoma- Big Baby Rolls and Donuts
  37. Oregon- Heaven on Earth Bakery
  38. Pennsylvania- Mr. Sticky's Bun
  39. Rhode Island- Butterbang
  40. South Carolina- The Devine Cinnamon Roll
  41. South Dakota- Baker's Bakery and Cafe
  42. Tennessee- N/A
  43. Texas- Snow City Cafe
  44. Utah- Hearth and Hill
  45. Vermont- Sticky Fingers
  46. Virginia- Heritage Bake Shoppe
  47. Washington- Seattle Cinnamon Roll Co.
  48. West Virginia- Peace, Love and Little Donuts
  49. Wisconsin- Rosie's Coffee Bar and Bakery
  50. Wyoming- The Bunnery Bakery and Restaurant

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