This Is The Best Barbecue Restaurant In Maryland

Smoked Brisket

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A Riverdale Park barbecue restaurant is being credited as the best in Maryland.

Love Food compiled a list of the best barbecue restaurants in every U.S. state, which included 2Fifty Texas BBQ as the top choice for Maryland.

"New and exciting, 2Fifty Texas BBQ has already earned quite a name for itself. Opened by a couple from El Salvador, it’s Texas-inspired barbecue with a Central American twist," Love Food wrote. "Its most popular dish is wagyu brisket so tender it “forks apart like chocolate cake.” Sides such as chamoy watermelon and sweet beans with brisket are the perfect complement. Be sure to pre-order to avoid disappointment."

Love Food's full list of the best barbecue restaurant in every state is included below:

  1. Alabama- Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q
  2. Alaska- Turnagain Arm PiT BBQ
  3. Arizona- Little Miss BBQ
  4. Arkansas- Sim's Bar-B-Que
  5. California- Copper Top BBQ
  6. Colorado- Georgia Boys BBQ
  7. Connecticut- Pig Rig BBQ
  8. Delaware- Limestone BBQ and Bourbon
  9. Florida- Shiver's Bar-B-Q
  10. Georgia- Wiley's Championship BBQ
  11. Hawaii- Sunset Smokehouse
  12. Idaho- Rib Shack Barbecue
  13. Illinois- Smoque BBQ
  14. Indiana- Hank's Smoked Briskets
  15. Iowa- Jimmy Jack's Rib Shack
  16. Kansas- Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que
  17. Kentucky- Old Hickory Bar-B-Que
  18. Louisiana- The Joint
  19. Maine- Wilson County Barbecue
  20. Maryland- 2Fifty Texas BBQ
  21. Massachusetts- B.T.'s Smokehouse
  22. Michigan- Slows Bar-B-Q
  23. Minnesota- Animales Barbecue
  24. Mississippi- Clay's House of Pig
  25. Missouri- City Butcher and Barbecue
  26. Montana- The Notorious P.I.G.
  27. Nebraska- Smokin Barrel BBQ
  28. Nevada- John Mull's Meats and Road Kill Grill
  29. New Hampshire- Smokeshow Barbecue
  30. New Jersey- Red White & Que Smokehouse
  31. New Mexico- Mad Jack's Mountaintop Barbecue
  32. New York- John Brown BBQ
  33. North Carolina- Skylight Inn BBQ
  34. North Dakota- Spitfire Bar & Grill
  35. Ohio- Eli's BBQ
  36. Oklahoma- Smokin' Joe's Rib Ranch
  37. Oregon- Matt's BBQ
  38. Pennsylvania- Harvey's Main Street BBQ
  39. Rhode Island- Durk's Bar-B-Q
  40. South Carolina- Lewis Barbecue
  41. South Dakota- J.R.'s Rhodehouse BBQ PIT
  42. Tennessee- Peg Leg Porker
  43. Texas- Franklin Barbecue
  44. Utah- Charlotte-Rose's Carolina BBQ
  45. Vermont- Bluebird Barbecue
  46. Virginia- HogsHead Cafe
  47. Washington- Brileys BBQ & Grill
  48. West Virginia- Hickory House
  49. Wisconsin- Double B's BBQ
  50. Wyoming- HQ BBQ

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