Jennifer Gauthier, Founder & Executive Director of Lead4Life

Jennifer Gauthier “Ms. Jen” is the Founder and Executive Director of Lead4Life, Inc. Ms. Gauthier’s life experiences aren’t a prerequisite for working with troubled teens. However, Ms. Gauthier brings both life experience and professional training to her work of empowering young people and young adults in the criminal justice system.

Gauthier graduated from Springfield College with a Bachelor’s of Science and Master’s of Social Work. As a child, Gauthier overcame the challenges of domestic violence and teen pregnancy. As an adult, Gauthier turned homelessness into financial independence.

Gauthier has found her voice in her vocation. She has ample experience working with high risk youth and their families. She has a natural passion to empower and believe in the power of young men and women; and to make positive changes in their daily living. She has empathy and truly understands where many youth are in life.

Gauthier is committed to working with youth and adults. She hopes her challenges and victories will help at least one person.

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