Alan Guyan, Founder & CEO at Made Plus Inc

Alan Guyan is an accomplished executive with a career spanning more than 25 years that encompasses

product creation, manufacturing innovation, and business development within the realm of 3D printing.

Throughout his professional journey, Alan has led diverse global teams, orchestrating the conception and

launch of pioneering products and solutions across various sectors, including aerospace, medical, and


As the Founder and CEO of Made Plus Inc., Alan is reshaping the footwear trajectory by bridging

consumer desires with efficient, waste-reducing manufacturing through an innovative platform. Previously,

he founded Additive Accelerator, guiding startups and enterprises in harnessing additive manufacturing's

potential for refined workflows and revenue growth. Alan consulted with large brands on adopting additive

manufacturing and led the development of new manufacturing technologies to drive revenue growth.

During Alan’s tenure at Under Armour, he was the Director of 3D Design and Manufacturing Innovation for

Under Armour’s Manufacturing Innovation Center, Lighthouse. In this role, he leveraged performance

goals to innovate the product experience for footwear, apparel, and accessories. He also served as the

brand’s resident expert on all additive manufacturing and directed 3D design and manufacturing

innovation, driving breakthroughs in wearables, the first 3D-printed training shoe, and the MagZip zipper.

Alan possesses an uncanny knack for aligning product, speed, market trends, and opportunities,

seamlessly enhancing factory dynamics through the innovative utilization of additive and subtractive

manufacturing technologies. His contributions extend to boards of prestigious 3D printing entities, Origin

among them. Recognitions include the Manufacturing Leadership Award, A'Design Award, and AMUG

Technical Competition. His impact resonates in 40+ patents, attesting to his limitless creativity and

technical prowess.

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