All Maryland Public Schools Closed March 16 to March 27

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has announced all public schools in the state will be closed from March 16 to March 27 due to Coronavirus in an attempt to "mitigate and limit the spread of this pandemic."

"We should expect the number of cases to dramatically and rapidly rise," Hogan added at his press conference.

According to WJLA, Hogan announced these measures during the conference:

  • All schools closed between March 16 and March 27
  • Directed the Maryland Emergency Management Agency to move to its highest activation level
  • Enacted an executive order to activate the National Guard
  • All non-essential state employees who are approved to telework will be required to do so
  • Public access to state buildings restricted
  • Executive order prohibiting social, community, religious, recreational or sports gatherings or events of more than 250 people
  • Cruise ship terminal at Port of Baltimore closed
Baltimore-Area School and Event Cancellations Due to Coronavirus - Thumbnail Image

Baltimore-Area School and Event Cancellations Due to Coronavirus

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